Beer At The Convenience Store

“Convenience stores aren’t very convenient if you can’t buy beer there,” says Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP) Queensland Senate candidate John Humphreys.

“Australia is turning into a nanny state with politician and bureaucrats trying to hold our hands through everyday decisions. The simple reality is that many Australians enjoy having a few drinks, and they should be free to buy alcohol when and where it is convenient.

“Paternalist campaigners argue that more liberal availability of alcohol will lead to social problems. However, most civilised countries allow the relatively free supply of alcohol and they don’t suffer any catastrophic social meltdown.”

The Liberty and Democracy Party is a new federal party aimed at getting the government out of people’s lives and restoring individual liberty and responsibility.

“Every other political party wants to tell you how to live your lives. You shouldn’t smoke. You shouldn’t drink. You shouldn’t gamble. While this may be good moral advice, the LDP believes that people should be free to make their own decisions without the meddling hand of government trying to control our social lives.

“The government exists to protect private property and prevent violent crime, not to be our mother. The LDP suggests that the government concentrate on its core jobs and stop telling Australians how to live,” Mr Humphreys said.


One response to “Beer At The Convenience Store

  1. In the best of all possible words, there wouldn’t be any laws preventing property owners from using their property as they see fit.

    You want to sell booze in your shop? It’s your choice. You want to open 24/7? It’s your choice.

    Anyone should be able open any sort of retail or wholesale outlet, or factory or processing plant, or any combination, on any piece of land they own anywhere.

    If the neighbours don’t like it, they are free to move.

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