You Pay Too Much Tax

The LDP believes Australians pay far too much tax.

Since the Howard government was elected, real per capita taxation has increased 34%, not including the GST.

Individuals spend their money much more productively than governments. While the Government needs some tax revenue to provide essential services, today huge amounts are simply recycled by returning them back to essentially the same people and businesses (minus large administration costs) in the form of government handouts.

Australians are more prosperous than ever before, so the number of people needing government assistance should be falling. Yet the welfare state keeps getting bigger. And public servant numbers keep growing.

Neither the proposed Liberal nor Labor cuts restore taxes to what they were a decade ago. The LDP plans to implement genuine tax cuts.

The LDP has a detailed plan for a flat tax of 30% above a tax-free threshold of $30,000. The plan links to a welfare policy, which is based on a low income subsidy of 30% of the amount by which earnings are below $30,000.


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